You Never Know

Pigmy Seahorse Raja Ampat
Penemu Island Raja Ampat
There is not a single trip that I’ve come back from in Raja Ampat and have not seen something
for the very first time. Whether it is Satomi’s Pygmy Seahorses, mating Walking Sharks or Reef
Squid and Mobula Rays chasing big bait balls of Anchovies.
One of the greatest surprises of this trip was to dive the Misool Area with visibility of 40-50
metres. Great to see entire dive sites from a bird’s eye perspective and a perfect opportunity for
wide-angle photographers. Whilst Oceanic Mantas are passing over the reef we hardly can
believe our own eyes: a big school of Cownose Rays “flies” by, what a rare and special moment!
Wonderpus and Flamboyant Cuttlefish can definitely be named as the highlights of our night
dives in Airborek and Saonek, where boat jetties create a perfect habitant for the weirdest
critters and creatures. What a perfect end of the trip with two Bryde’s whales passing us, which
leave our more than happy guests with the promise to come back to Raja Ampat – which is
always full of surprises!

Feb 20- Mar 1, 2016

Sonja Geier