Night At The Jetty

Night Dive, Raja Ampat
Dolphin, Raja AmpatWhereas most people prefer daytime dives and some are even a little scared of night dives, a lot of marine life can only or at least easier be observed when it’s dark. Our favorite spots to find all the weird looking critters and creatures are mostly boat jetties.

The jetty in Saonek has been one of our favorite night dive sites during the entire season. Two Flamboyant Cuttlefish, the holy grail of photographers, have been spotted here on a regular basis. These cute little creatures “walk” along the sea bottom, going through a whole set of red, brown, white and yellow colors when feeling threatened. Apart from that different colored Sea Moths can be found in the sand and also a nice pair of Robust Ghost Pipefish swimming along on the bottom.

Equally fantastic is Arborek Jetty, right in front of the picturesque little Christian village. Blue Magic, Raja AmpatFrequently, we have encountered Blue Ringed Octopi, highly poisonous but amazing due to their flashing bright blue rings when they get agitated. For whoever is not satisfied with this “attraction”, Crocodile Fish, Walking Shark and different colored Warty Frogfish as well as Banded Toadfish can be found here as well – what an amazing world on the sand and only revealed in torch light.

Mermaid I
Raja Ampat Apr 7 -17, 2015

Sonja Geier