Pygmy Paradise

Sea Horse, Raja Ampat
When divers think about Raja Ampat an abundance of colorful and healthy corals as well as an exceptional variety of marine life, mainly schooling fish and sharks come to their mind. But most of the time forgotten is the fact that Raja Ampat isAntichovy, Raja Ampat also a paradise for “pygmy stuff” – let’s have a look what we were able to spot on our almost last trip of the season.
Pygmy Seahorses are the usual suspects and now that it comes to the end of the season we know exactly where to look whether it is for Bargibanti’s, Denise’s, Santa Claus’ or Pontohi’s. The last type of pygmy is very challenging to spot and the reason why: they are only the size of a rice grain and thin like a piece of paper. You would not necessarily expect to see them at a dive site called “Manta Sandy” but as a matter of fact there is three beautiful yellow Pontohi’s right in one place. The third time in a row we encounter the highly poisonous but truly fascinating Blue Ringed Octopus at “Arborek Jetty”. And on the last night dive of this trip “Saonek Jetty” even surprises us with a juvenile flamboyant cuttlefish! As you can see, Raja Ampat is always full of surprises, don’t just swim around enjoying the underwater landscape and stunning coral reefs but keep an eye out for all these weird looking critters and tiny creatures.

Mermaid I
Raja Ampat, April 6- 16, 2015

Sonja Geier