From Sea Snakes And Scorpionfish

Ring of Fire Cruise Indonesia

From Raja Ampat in West Papua to Maumere in East Flores: over 14 days of diving, over 1,000 nautical miles, 5 different seas. Those are just technicalities about our “Biodiversity Special” or  “Crossing Trip” but what does the reality behind that look like?

After a few days diving in the Misool Area, it is eventually time to say “see you soon” to the Oceanic Manta Rays of Raja Ampat. Ring of Fire Cruise IndonesiaTwo fantastic dives surrounded by schooling Bigeye Jacks, Blue-Lined Snappers and of course, a whole dozen mantas – what a phenomenal send off!

The Banda Islands in general but Manuk and Gunung Api in the Banda Sea in particular are sites most divers have on their all time bucket list. Both active volcanoes, only accessible in good  weather, offer amongst fantastic pristine coral reefs and black sandy slopes vast numbers of Sea Kraits! Hundreds and hundreds of Chinese Sea Snakes Alor is well known for big fish as well as  muck diving.

Alor at this time of the year surprises us with warm waters together with some pretty weird but  wonderful critters. Almost uncountable are the different species of Nudibranchs we come across,  a pretty uncommon Mototi or Occelate Octopus and two extremely colourful and also rare Rhinopias or Weedy Scorpionfish. Safe to say that everyone on board, guests as well as crew, are sad to see this exceptional trip finished!
Sonja Geier
Mermaid I