Wayag, Raja Ampat
When people hear the word “shark” they usually get scared, thinking about aggressive predators with countless teeth.  Luckily, divers are not like usual people – when we think about sharks or even better, get to see them underwater, it is excitement pure!Eagle_Rock

A dive to remember on this trip is the split point dive at a site called “Mayhem” at Yanggefo. Straight away our group of divers drops at the right spot, exactly where the current hits the underwater ridge and where all the fish action happens. Thousands and thousands of Fusiliers in the blue, getting chased by Giant Trevallies but even more exciting: seven fully grown Grey Reef Sharks keep circling right in front of us for entire 45 minutes. It’s a divers’ dream to observe these fascinating animals moving gracefully through the water, coming close and checking us out!

Mermaid I
Raja Ampat, March 15- 25, 2015

Sonja Geier