Snorkeling Fun

Sunset in Komodo National Park
Snorkeling in Komodo National ParkFantastic reefs, black sand and bubbles, drifts and exploring new snorkeling sites is what this whole trip is about. After our first stop in Moyo we head over to Satonda where we get the chance to walk up to the viewpoint and enjoy the stunning view over the inland lake. Sangeang and its amazing scenery are perfect for the next stop, giving our guests great picture opportunities of the smoking volcano and the bubbles surrounding beautiful soft corals underwater.


Once in the Komodo National Park, we enjoy some of the less explored and therefore Komodo Dragonpristine spots for snorkelers with an incredible abundance of hard as well as soft coral reefs. Some days are more adventurous when the currents take us on a fast drift between islands like at Shotgun or along Siaba Kecil. Sea Horses, Nudibranchs, Giant Trevallies, Sharks and Turtles are the usual suspects which can be seen – and which are the subject of marine biologist Lee Goldman’s daily talks in the evening.

Mermaid I  Komodo Cruise
Jul 5 – 14, 2015

Sonja Geier