Surprises In the Sea

Barracuda Schooling Banda SeaFrom East Flores to West Papua, 16 days diving walls, reefs, slopes, pinnacles and crossing four different seas – that’s what the crossing trip is all about. From the tiniest Pygmy Seahorses to giant majestic Oceanic Manta Rays, Chinese Sea Snakes, Dolphins, Frogfishes, Sharks and schooling fish life – “biodiversity” topside and underwater is what we are looking for!

Mangrove Banda SeaAs we cruise in smooth and calm waters towards Damar Island in the Banda Sea, a Sperm Whale allows us to get close for the perfect shot when the fluke rises up with the sunset in the background before the whale dives down.

Just as we remember leaving Raja Ampat end of April, so is our welcome back: a whole lot of Oceanic Manta Rays populate the waters at Karang Bayangan. “Probably the best dive of my life!”, some guests quote and a good reason for us to come back for another dive the next day.

Every trip I happen to see something new underwater which makes diving in Indonesian waters extremely enjoyable – as I am filming a Tasseled Wobbegong Shark sitting under a coral head, a little Blue Spotted Stingray swims right over the top of the shark… and nearly gets eaten!

Maumere-Alor-Banda Sea-Raja Ampat Scuba Diving Cruise
December 5- 20, 2016

by Sonja Geier