Ta Ta for Now

Schools of Fish in KomodoIt’s that time of year again when we temporarily say good buy to a place that has given us so many incredible moments below the oceans surface and like wise above. The seasons are changing and it’s time move Mermaid II from Komodo’s mystic waters to crown jewel of Indonesia, Raja Ampat. It’s never a sad time because I know I’ll be coming back in May and who wouldn’t look forward to a full season with the world’s best diving at my finger tips. As I ready my dive kit and camera for the upcoming season my mind is replaying all the out of this world encounters with rare and awe inspiring creatures we’ve encountered in Komodo’s enchanting waters this last season.

Here is what consider to be the top three highlights from Komodo’s 2015 season on Mermaid II.

1. Schools!
Komodo has to be home to some of the largest schools of fish in Asia, particularly on Castle Rock and Crystal Rock. More often than not we would find ourselves, out of no where, completely immersed in one of the densest shoals of fusileers. The light would appear to go out completely when one of these swirling masses of fish would envelope you in an effort to escape the jaws of the many giant travellie following closely behind.

2. Critters
People don’t often think of Komodo as a place for Macro diving, maybe because they are so focused on all the schooling fish, but it most certainly is. Komodo is some of the richest water the world and the diversity of critters population is just as rich. You could turn to just about any page in the critter section of any Indo-Pacific fish ID book and with out a doubt be able to find any animal on that page. Wonderpus and mimic octopus scoot about just as lembeh sea dragons and a myriad of frog fish among many many other unique creatures hide amongst the sponges and corals.

3. World Class Mantas
Komodo has two of the best manta sites in the world. The consistency for sightings at these two sites is so good you can almost use the word, guarantee, in the dive briefings. In just one dive you can witness all the manta’s amazing behaviors from groups feeding on the glassy surface in the morning to them taking turns on the many cleaning stations and everyone favorite when a squadron of twelve or more mantas charges through your group like a bullet

Mermaid II Bali-Komodo-Maumere
Nov 28 – Dec 5, 2016

Alex Lindbloom
UW Videographer