The King Of Critters


Frogfish KomodoKomodo is a great place for an abundance of critters and creatures but one of my absolute
favourites is the Frogfish or Anglerfish. Sometimes we tend to forget about this majestic fish with the muppet-like face and down-turned mouth because of the colourful reefs and schooling fish life distracting us.Komodo Critter Diving

This trip however offered countless occasions to shoot “The King of critters”: on almost every dive we found at least one, sometimes even four of them! Frogfish come in all different shapes, sizes and colours and are fascinating to watch, although most of us find it hard to decide whether to call them “ugly” or just “cool”.

Especially for photographers, Frogfish are a great subject due to their contrasting colours,
camouflages and position in sponges, on rocks or sand. What helps is that they stay motionless most of the time unless you get extremely lucky and see one swimming – but then it is best to take the camera away and just enjoy the moment!

Mermaid I Bali – Komodo – Bali
Aug 5-14, 2016

Sonja Geier