The Right Light

Raja Ampat Coral ReefLight is an important thing as we immerse ourselves in the underwater world. As divers we all know that the deeper we go, the less light we have and the less light we have the less color we see. Even in Raja Ampat, well known for it’s magical coral gardens which beam with an array of the most colorful corals can appear a bit dull on a cloudy day. Not recently however. It seemed that no matter where we go within the Raja Ampat marine sanctuary the sun was exactly where it should be, but no where was this exemplified more than at the mangroves.

The mangroves, even in the worst light is still a mystical place where it’s vast network of roots sprout from a rich coral garden creating the most surreal underwater landscape. But when you have the sun seemingly hand placed at just the right angle so that it’s being split up into a thousand luminous shafts by the canopy of the aquatic forest, well, there’s no way to really describe it. It’s just something you have to come witness for your self.

Mermaid II Raja Ampat Diving Cruise
December 22-30, 2016

Alex Lindbloom