Third Pinnacle

Schooling Fish, Komodo

There is one dive site in the north of Komodo that holds a beautiful secret many livCoral in Komodo National Parkeaboards do not know about. So as to keep this little secret as long as possible I will refrain from disclosing name and location, you’ll just have to come to Mermaid and see for yourself.Just out of visible range on one of Komodo’s best sits  a mysterious third pinnacle. The top is decorated with hundreds of colorful bommies of all sizes and provide resting places for white tip reef sharks and hunting grounds for large napoleon wrass. When the current is just right, slack to none, the largest concentrations of surgeon fish and shoals of dancing fusileers all come together. All of this is accompanied by thBarracuda, Komodo National Parke many silver giant travellie, barracuda,  and big eye jacks which act as sheep dogs or wolves as they coral the swirling mass of fish. When the current starts to move ever so slightly the predatory instincts of the corralling fish kick in and the hunting action begins with an audible woosh as millions of fins and scales are abruptly put into top gear. This sound and rush of activity by the schools of fish and jacks let the sharks, both white tips and large grey reefs that dinner is served and then the real show starts.  With the dive site still relatively unknown to other dive operators it leave just you and your group to enjoy this pelagic spectacle of epic proportions.

Mermaid II Komodo Cruise
Aug 8 – 15, 2015

By Alex Lindbloom