Barracuda, Indonesia Liveaboards Diving
This trip we went from Raja Ampat all the way through Halmahera to Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, and we dived places not many people will ever get the chance to do.

After a great start in Raja Ampat, with fantastic corals and lots of Manta Rays, we headed west to Pisang. We were quite impressed by the big schools of Barracudas here. Little did we know what was coming up for us later…

In Halmahera we did a day of exploration, which turned out to be a success – lots of sharks, schools of Bumpheads and bazillions of colourful Anthias at the reeftops.

Next stop was the small island of Tifore. Rumours had it there was a massive congregation of Chevron Barracudas in the area, but we didn’t realize the magnitude of it until we got in. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the Barracudas in Halmahera, don’t get me wrong here, but man, this was something else! Thousands of these awesome predators tightly packed together, sometimes completely surrounding us in a top to bottom tornado!

Finally we reached Lembeh Strait, famous for some of the best muck diving in the world. We saw lots of Nudibranchs, the endemic Banggai Cardinalfish, all kinds of special Scorpionfishes, Frogfish and as a grand finale of this trip, an elusive Wonderpus!

Raja Ampat – Lembeh Strait, Feb 24 – Mar 5, 2013

PJ Widestrand
Tourleader and Video-Pro
Mermaid I