Wonderful Wayag

Airborek Jetty, Raja AmpatRaja Ampat is not just beautiful underwater – especially the panorama in the Pygmy Sea Horses, Raja Ampatnorthernmost part at “Wayag” can be as spectacular as the dives. Small groups of uninhabited islands, steep limestone cliffs and picturesque lagoons attract mostly divers during their surface interval. Although it is a bit of work and a 20-minute-hike to get to the top, the breathtaking view from the eroded limestone ridge over the countless islands and crystal clear waters in the bays pays off in the end!

The conditions above and below the water are remarkable good during this trip: not a single day of rain and great visibility due to that on our dives. We are happy to see two Oceanic Reef Mantas cruising around at Karang Bayangan, an enormous Giant Grouper which shoots up from the deep at a site called “Four Kings”, another tiny and extremely poisonous Blue Ringed Octopus on our night dive at “Airborek Jetty” and of course lots and lots of cute little Pygmy Sea Horses of all kinds.

Mermaid I
Raja Ampat, March 26- April 5, 2015

Sonja Geier