Yellow Bargibantis-The Four Leaf Clovers

pigmy seashorse, bargibanti,

All seahorses are amazing, but the pigmy seahorse is the real crowd pleaser of the family. it’s insane to think that such an unbelievably small and cute creature could ever exist. There are many many different species of pigmy sea horses and people from all over the world slip into the tropical waters to get a gimps of these magical little beings with Komodo being one of the best places and is home to at least three different species. The poster child though for the whole pigmy family is the bargibanti, with it’s round purply bumpy body and permanent facial expression similar someone who has just won a pigmy seahorse, bargibanti,competition where you see you can see how many grapes you can fin in your mouth at once, you would think that it was some sort of cartoon character rather than an actual species in the animal kingdom.

One of the most amazing things about the bargibani pigmy is that they can change their color depending on what sea fan they live in. Most of the time it’s purple, but every so often you come across a yellow sea fan and if you’re very lucky you can find a pair of these little beasites inside. The yellow bargibantis are the four-leaf clovers of the pigmies because they are much harder to come by and if you do happen to you’re guaranteed good luck, well at least that what I think!

Mermaid II Aug 1-8,2015
Komodo Cruise

by Alex Lindbloom