You Never Know…

Bobtail Squid, Komodo Indonesia
You never know what your going to stumble upon when your diving in and around Komodo. You know you will find something truly amazing, as Komodo is one of those places that never disappoints, but until you find that thing or things you’ll just have to deal with pristine reefs and local mantas.

This trip, one of the biggest surprises was on a night dive. Frogfish were everywhere and even a very rare Ambon scorpion fish had been located, but that wasn’t what made people stop and say, ‘wooow’ through their regulators. The special find was a when a very small bobtail squid attacked and started to eat a shrimp nearly twice it’s size. I’ve never seen anything like it and am quite certain that I will have

Mermaid II Oct 31-Nov 1 ,2015
Bali – Komodo – Bali

By Alex Lindbloom
Underwater Videographer