Frogfish Family

20141030_Satonda_Reef (7) MOV
Frogfish are the absolute masters of camouflage and this trip we have been lucky enough to find a whole “family”. Although this trip was mainly dedicated to the whale and dolphin fans, the macro lovers would not have been disappointed. On our way cruising from Bali to Komodo and back we had numerous sightings of Bottlenose, Spotted, Spinner, Fraser’s and Risso’s dolphins as well as Sperm Whales.

Starting off diving in Moyo with great visibility and lots of small reef fish, we also found 20141106_Little_Angel (13) MOVfour frogfish within a very small area at Satonda Reef. These extremely weird looking creatures just blend in perfectly with their surroundings, making it a real challenge to spot them – but we eventually succeeded. Amongst a nice bright yellow Painted Frogfish, another two black and a bubblegum pink Warty Frogfish made the whole “family” complete.

Dives in Sangeang with a big variety of colorful nudibranchs and lots of volcanic activites followed. Once in the Komodo National Park we also enjoyed the beautiful coral gardens of Tatawa Besar and some great dives at Crystal Rock surrounded by Grey Reef and White Tip Reef Sharks. Manta Alley surprised us again with mantas piling up in the actual alley and so close to the surface that even our snorkelers could enjoy close encounters with the gentle giants.

Mermaid I, Komodo Cruise
Oct 29- Nov 04, 2014

Sonja Geier