Simply The Best

Mobula Rays Raja Ampat
At the beginning of this trip I was almost certain that this week’s article is going to be about our
fantastic dive at Karang Bayangan in Misool: at least seven Oceanic Manta Rays kept on circling
around us right up on the shallow reef top with perfect visibility for our entire dive of 70

A few days later though one of the most exciting dives took place at Two Tree Island where we
were lucky to witness around a dozen Mobula Rays hunting and chasing a gigantic bait ball of
Silversides or Anchovies right up in the shallows of the island. What a show!Walking Shark Raja Ampat

What followed then were a couple of absolutely phenomenal night dives – Satomi’s Pygmy
Seahorses, Lembeh Seadragons, Wonderpus and several Blue Ring Octopi. To top this off it “only”
needed two Walking Sharks mating and swimming around biting one another’s pectoral fin.

After we have seen what we thought is the very best of Raja Ampat, we get spoilt with amazing
conditions at the world record dive site of Cape Kri: 283 different fish species on one single dive
have been seen here and we are no far off considering that we encounter big schools of Bigeye
and Giant Trevallies, Midnight Snappers, Humpback Snappers, Yellow Mask Surgeonfish,
Emperorfish, Tall Fin Batfish, Chevron Barracudas, Mobula Rays and Oceanic Manta Rays. It’s
simply the best it can get!

Mermaid I Raja Ampat Cruise
Jan 27 – Feb 6, 2016

Sonja Geier