Small Stuff

Nudibranch, Lembeh
Only two trips a year take us to the beautiful waters of Lembeh in North Sulawesi, which is famous for its strange critters and creatures. Colorful Nudibranchs, different types of Crabs and Shrimps, Wasp Fish, Sea Moths, Frogfish and Flying Gurnard to just mention a few specials.

Manta Ray, Raja AmpatBut we start off in Raja Ampat where the Dampier Strait surprises us with Pygmy Seahorses “en masse”: Yellow and Pink Bargibantis as well as Pontohis, Pregnant Denises and Santa Claus’ are on our daily dive menu.

Our “big stuff lovers” can be happy as well since we discover some giant schools of Jacks and Barracudas, a massive Giant Grouper down in the deep and plenty of Black Tip as well as White Tip Reef Sharks diving Pisang, Bacan, Goraichi and Tifore on our way to Lembeh.

Jan 16- Feb 6, 2015

Sonja Geier
Mermaid I