Whale Watching

Melon Head Whales in Komodo IndonesiaAnother successful Whale watching trip From Bali to Maumere through Komodo National park. The Wind has dropped leaving the sea nice n’ flat most of the days with perfect clear condition to Whale watch!

A large group of Fruit bats appeared in the skies as the sun settled over Satonda Island, a magical spot where we got to snorkel and walk the next day. On the way to Komodo the Melon Head whales (dolphins) were the first ones to join the cruise, Incredibly chilled, dozens and dozens of them simply emerged, floating and relaxing next to Mermaid 1.

Groups of Dwarf Spermwhales from a distance, later another Sperm Whale and finally a Blue Whale on the last day. Amazingly we’ve managed to count 8 different species of mammals in a single afternoon!Melon Head Whales in Komodo Indonesia

Not only Whales and Dolphins, but Mantas were also going crazy. Takat Makassar was one of the highlights of the trip with crystal clear water, warm and zero current. Groups of Mantas on the surface made every single snorkeler have a blast.

Down in the South of the National park the wind picked up a bit, slightly colder water but again more Mantas and awesome fish action. Horse shoe bay and its dramatic scenery was  pretty awesome as well, with 6 large Komodo dragons on the beach waiting for us! Didn’t take long ‘till they got in the water swimming around the Dinghy boats, simply Epic!

The Whale Watching journey is over for now and it’s time for Mermaid1 crew to get to scuba dive again! We are currently in Maumere and heading towards Ambon through the Banda Sea. Some exciting stuff and some surprises coming up on the next article 🙂

Mermaid I Whale Watching Cruise
September 20-29, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata