Banda Sea diving from Ambon to Flores on Mermaid I

Returning to Flores from Ambon. The Ring of Fire journey this time has started from Ambon island. Ambon is steeped in history on land and hides some truly unique critters below. Incredible macro fauna make this spot a very famous destination for underwater photographers. Harlequin, Bumblebee and Coleman shrimps. Many painted frogfish and a Rynopias were already found the day the guests arrived on Mermaid I.

From Ambon, an overnight navigation and already entering the door step of the Banda Sea. The combination of lush green islands and active volcanos placed in the middle of the ocean. Dramatic looks both above and underwater. After a night spent on Banda Neira islands and an early morning hike around a historical fortress, the site of the original ’spice trade’ with fragrant clove and cinnamon spice trees on lands. Banda Neira is also home for a great shallow dive where we encounter colourful mandarin fish performing their nightly matting ritual! As we head further into the Banda sea, entering Hammerhead sharks territory where loads of action among Chinese sea snakes and Sea kraits. Mobula rays, large schools and other pelagics. Single encounters of Hammers and later on schools of them found in Serua island and Nil Desperandum.

Alor region, possibly the most colourful and cultural islands of Indonesia. Vivid tradition carried for thousands of years from the Bajau people in their unique way of living. The underwater world of Alor is very diverse and possibly our new favourite destination due to the amount of unexplored areas covered with rare marine life.

Finishing the last dives at Ledges of Bacatan with enormous schools of Barracudas, warm and clear water… 800 nautical miles of pure excitement and beautiful memories!