Biodiversity Super Crossing

This April, the Mermaid II embarked on an epic 16 day crossing from the stunning islands of Raja Ampat, through Alor and the Banda Sea and finally landing in Maumere.

The tour started exploring the vibrant hard and soft coral reefs of Raja Ampat, with multiple Manta Ray encounters, nighttime sightings of the rare endemic Walking Shark, and a plethora of cephalopods.

As we made our way through the Banda Sea and into the Ring of Fire, we dived at the base of volcanoes, where the sea was filled with sea kraits, the venomous yet docile sea snakes that call this region home.

A day trip into Banda Neira introduced guests to the rich and startling history of the region, through town and into nutmeg gardens and the Fort Belgica, a 17th-century Dutch fort that overlooks the region.

Aside from the cultural history, Banda Neira is home to the famous Mandarin Fish along with many other eye-catching species. Finally the Mermaid II made its way into Alor for some world-class muck diving. Lucky guests had the chance to see octopus mating, dwarf cuttlefish feeding and even the bewildering frog-fish with its lure-like appendage.
The 16 day crossing was a world class example of the biodiversity that can be found in Indonesia.

John Roney

MV Mermaid II
Apr 17 – May 2, 2023

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