Covid-19 Support

Post COVID Booking Policy, Terms and Conditions and Life on Board

Both our Mermaid vessels, KM Mermaid I and KM Mermaid II, have been operating since the borders reopened in 2022. In April 2023, there has been 1 known covid situation on board which guests and crew appreciated and managed well. Diving was not impacted for the majority of guests. 

While Covid is not yet declared “endemic status” in Indonesia, we believe this will happen very soon and will update this document when it is. 

Entry in Indonesia is currently set as of March 2023:

  • Fully vaccinated guests do not require to do a PCR test prior to entering Indonesia. Please stay updated with the latest international travel regulations and comply with all the health protocols.
  • Indonesia’s “Peduli Lindungi” app has been replaced. Please download SATUSEHAT mobile app prior to entering Indonesia iOS Apple store / Android Google Play (Ministry of Health the Republic of Indonesia). If you are having issues, staff at the airports will assist – download the app before arrival, and they will assist you with it at the airport if it’s unclear. 
  • VIP to please carry at least 2 copies of your proof of 2 or more vaccinations and return flights for inspection.
  • Indonesia has resumed VOA (Visa On Arrival) for 86 nationalities & VEA (Visa Exemption Arrangement) for selected ASEAN members entering Indonesia, including major airport hubs. Those nationalities not on the list may apply for an e-Visa (B211A) before arrival.
  • You can apply online Visa On-Arrival prior to travel, making it faster to get through the airport, or you can apply on arrival. The cost is IDR 500,000 or USD or Euros or credit card. See the official e-VOA for details.


Covid-19 restrictions for Entry into Indonesia has been lifted from June 10 2023

  • Travellers are not required to provide proof of vaccination for entry into Indonesia nor for domestic flights
  • Travellers do not need any government application for entry
  • As a courtesy to all guests on board your cruise, prior to travel, if you are feeling unwell or have any flu/cold symptoms, please use a Rapid Antigen Test to check and if positive, please be courteous and do not travel if you are positive
  • If you are unwell on board with cold/flu-like symptoms, the Cruise Director will provide you with a test to check. If positive, or if only have a flu/cold, kindly exercise safe social distancing by minimizing social interactions and avoiding crowded spaces onboard.
  • In the event of severe, prolonged, worsening symptoms or emergencies, our Cruise Director & Captain are in charge. If evacuation to a local medical facility is required, any costs will be borne by the guest/ travel insurance.


Insurance Reminder

Please refer to Help & Support section for recommended insurance.
Please note any costs related to COVID-19 issues, resulting in in delay/medical/extraction/quarantine/or trip costs incurred due to potential positive testing/refusal of admittance to the country or your trip, before, during or after.