Halmahera Diving

Mermaid I offers exciting liveaboard diving to Halmahera which also known as Jailolo. It is the biggest island of Indonesia’s North Maluku (Mollucas) province. Which also known among bird watcher as the island where Afred Russel Wallace met what he considered his greatest prize: The Standardwing bird of paradise.

Why dive Halmahera? This very remote group of islands lies in-between the fantastic diving destinations of Raja Ampat and Lembeh. Halmahera is right in the middle of the coral triangle and so you can expect astounding biodiversity. The reefs are pristine and untouched, with a scientific survey in 2005 by Dr. Gerry Allen suggesting that this area is comparable only to Raja Ampat. In his 37 hours underwater survey he found more than 800 species of reef-fish. Compared with  828 species he found in Raja Ampat during 60 hours survey he previously done.

Dive Season

Similar to Raja Ampat, Halmahera dry season is quite the opposite of other destinations in Indonesia. The dry season in Maluku is between October to May.

For this specific reason Mermaid Liveaboards combine made itinerary Raja Ampat – Halmahera – Lembeh (and reverse). The highlight of this itinerary is, it gives you chance to dive three of Indonesian best dive destinations although this cruise focusing more on Raja Ampat & Halmahera dive site.

Mermaid Liveaboards visits the dive sites around Tifore, Ternate, Bacan and Moti Islands. You can check the 12 days itinerary here.

Water Temperature
Good news! The water temperature in Halmahera is between 28 – 30ºC. You can dive this pristine water wearing 3mm wetsuit, the same one we would suggest for diving in Raja Ampat as well.

How to Get There

Another benefit of joining this cruise is, it gives you the convenience to arrive/depart from Manado the capital of North Sulawesi, which has a direct flight from Singapore. From/to Lembeh that it only takes one hour by car to reach Manado Airport.
If you join the Raja Ampat – Halmahera – Lembeh trip, you can book your flight to arrive in Manado before taking another flight to Sorong to start your trip in Raja Ampat.

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