Diving Lembeh with Mermaid Liveaboards offers you an endless adventure of looking for the most wonderful and weirdest critters in existence. Lembeh Strait is a world-class destination to experience unique muck diving in the black volcanic sand of this area. It is difficult to find a better place in the world to go critter hunting.

Considered the capital of muck diving, divers will be amazed by the variety of unusual and rare critters. Much of the marine life here, divers will have only seen in magazines or coffee table photo books. Creatures are so bizarre that you’ll be wondering what on earth you just saw! The critter opportunities on every dive are endless. There are so many creatures for your dive guides to point out to you that your time underwater will pass in a flurry.

Super rare marvels such as Rhinopias, hairy frogfish, mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus are all part of a normal day in the Lembeh Strait. If you think you have seen it all, you need to dive in Lembeh to see more! Night dives will offer up even more extraordinary critters. Fascinating stargazers, crazy looking decorator crabs and Spanish dancers will help fill up your logbook.

Mermaid I visits Lembeh Strait as part of an extended cruise from Raja Ampat through Halmahera and vice versa.

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