The World’s Finest Diving Destination

On March 20th 2023, we embarked on an awe-inspiring journey through the reefs and schools of fish in Raja Ampat. Confetti-like blue, pink, and green chromis burst from the hard coral reefs, while big-eyed trevally swirled like tornadoes overhead, enveloping us in a sea of vibrant
marine life.

Guests had the chance to explore the famous ‘Boo Island’ window, allowing them see right through Boo Island itself and view grey reef sharks passing on the far side.

As we ventured north, our night dives were filled with peculiar and captivating creatures, including cuttlefish hunting, squids inking, and massive moray eels stalking their prey in the dark waters. It was an extraordinary display of the nocturnal behavior of marine life in Raja Ampat.

At every site we visited, we caught a unique glimpse of why Raja Ampat is hailed as the world’s finest diving destination.

John Roney

MV Mermaid II
Raja Ampat Mar 20-29, 2023

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