This was the very last trip of the season, and it turned out to be a very lucky one indeed! Blessed with perfect weather, we started in the northern part of Komodo National Park. Enjoying the amazing yellow soft corals of Tatawa Besar, we almost missed the action right up at the surface; a group of 10-12 Bottlenose Dolphins were playing in the currents. Seemingly oblivious to the divers, we watched them for a good 10 minutes or so.
In Horseshoe Bay we went critter hunting – Coleman Shrimps, Zebra Crabs, several Frogfish and rare Bobbit Worms were all fighting for our attention as we were busy with Nudibranchs and Torpedo Rays. We also had a pack of fighting Dragons on the beach here, which we admired from the safety of the dinghies. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere near those guys…
OK, so what about the Mantas? Well, let’s say this was one of the best encounters I’ve had over all those years in Komodo! Around 25-30 of these majestic creatures were lining up to get cleaned at one of the cleaning stations in south Komodo. With so much biomass present, it was bound to be a bit of a traffic jam, but hey, we didn’t mind that at all! A day to remember, and a perfect ending of the season for Mermaid 1.

May 5-14, 2013

PJ Widestrand
Tourleader and Video-Pro
Mermaid 1