A very lucky trip, with good conditions and lots of action underwater, particularily so at one of the seamounts in north Komodo, where we had a virtual wall of sharks as we descended to our preferred up-current spot. At any time, though, the sharks would shoot off to a coral bommie, in a joint-venture with the Giant Trevallies, trying to catch lunch. Quite a show indeed! In the south, apart from plenty of Manta Rays, we enjoyed some of the best soft corals in the world, with plenty of interesting critters like Zebra Crabs, Coleman Shrimps as well as several Giant Frogfish. One group even claimed they saw two Dugongs at their safety stop, but since they couldn’t provide any photos, the rest of us decided not to believe them… Heading back to Bali, we took a chance at a divesite with only black sand. Again, luck was on our side, and we found not only a Wonderpus, but also a very active Mimic Octopus, showing off its skills.

August 1-10, 2013

PJ Widestrand
Tourleader and Video-Pro Mermaid 1