Emile Poinsot

18 Jun 2022

Absolutely the best crew I knew, very nice and kind.
Thank you very much for this pleasant trip!

Tim Alce

United Kingdom
18 Jun 2022

The entire crew. Everyone was great, helpful, enthusiastic, keen. Diving was fantastic. Food unbelievably good – and so much. Pity 10 days has to end!! Glad I chose Mermaid for my first liveaboard.

Miki Hegedus

18 Jun 2022

Very professional organization. Friendly and professional staff, attention to details. Would highly recommend!!

Stephen Henderson

18 Jun 2022

I truly enjoyed my trip. All of the staff was amazing. Thanks for such a memorable holiday.


18 Jun 2022

This is an excellent group of people to dive with. Name it, I will be thrill. Facilities are exceptional and service is unmatched.

Meryl Churchill

01 Jan 2020

Joss is outstanding, a nice mixture of serious diving business but with some joking + a great accent. Very approachable runs a happy ship + nice staff rapport. Wayan was a wonderful DM – relaxed, didn’t boss us around, looked after us nicely, knows the dive sites very well, so we felt safe + comfortable with him. The chef is excellent, delicious food + no bad guts, very hygienic. All the staff work so hard + always are happy to help + smiling.

Eric Black

23 Dec 2019

The crew was excellent, courteous, helpful and top-notch!

Bert Schlicher

13 Feb 2020

More than Excellent!! I have the time of my life. An experience I never forget. Great dive: Melissa garden, I get really emotional.

J. Girard

05 Feb 2020

Thank you so much for everyone’s care and kindness. What a wonderful team. Made my trip so much fun, wonderful and safe!!!

Marc Girard

05 Feb 2020

Outstanding welcome! Special thanks to the cook for gluten-free/vegan food !!

Michelle Voo

13 Feb 2020

Everyone! Really, the team spirit and sense of family + genuine love in what they do is infectious – I think

Chung Hyuk Chang

27 Jan 2020

Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience 🙂

Manuel Villani

27 Jan 2020

The best companies with who I dive. thanks so much to Yerai, excellent guide.

Purvi Dubal

04 Feb 2020

The crew was excellent. Very attentive to all our needs. The best liveaboard i’ve been on!!

Heather Wilde

27 Jan 2020

Can’t thank you enough for another fabulous trip. Felt so safe + well look after by you all. Our 2nd trip – it was like coming home!

Jenna Harvey

14 Feb 2020

Great crew! Amazing time! Will definitely come back! thank you for the memories!

Brad Disworth

25 Feb 2020

The staff were all excellent. It was nice to see the captain of the boat down helping on dive platform. Food was very good and love the desserts and fresh fruits. Our Divemaster was angela was excellent. Very helpful personable, informative and safety conscious, seemed like she enjoyed her job and was willing to go out of her way to keep us happy.

Gilles Gaonach

09 Jan 2020

Great crew, nice boat, keep up the good work

Linda Hoover

26 Jan 2020

We felt very cared for in all aspects. Appreciated the availability of the cruise directors to answer questions. The tank boys and other helpers on the dive deck were so helpful. Great stewards – very attentive.

Sam Kelley Skaggs

26 Jan 2020

We were absolutely pampered! This was an amazing experience! Very special to keep so many of the staff for so long.

Benoy Carry

19 Oct 2019

Never had such a service and joyful team ready for us!

Herman Coquel

19 Sep 2019

I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys dicing!! Super healthy reefs + great variety of marine stock

Harsh Tilak

31 Aug 2019

I am not sure i will be able to be happy with any other operator after this trip. Excellent staff and great service. Thank you

Neeti Joshi

07 Sep 2019

One of the best operations ever seen, everything from start to end was the unforgettable. Wonerful staff and outstanding service!!

Jenny Warbis

11 Sep 2019

A wonderful cruise on a special boat, amongst experts and other friendly people. Thank you so much! I have had fun!

Liz Scott

02 Sep 2019

The whole trip was exceptional, thank you so much to everyone involved. It was brilliant from pick up at the hotel to the end.

Anita Verde and Peter Marshall

28 Sep 2019

This was our 1st liveaboard and it was fabulous! we can’t wait to do another one. We had a great time! All staff – guides + boat crew, kitchen etcwere so helful ant attentive and really hard working. Everyoneoitched in and made it so easy for us.

Beth Watson

21 Sep 2019

The staff was excellent and very attentive. The itinerary was well thought out and organized. It was a joy to be on board + dive with the mermaid! Thanskfor everything!

Mauricio and Patricia Martin

28 Sep 2019

All services are the best in class, with all the crew very polite and always ready to help with anything. Divemasters are fantastic!

Olga & Alexander, Nikolay & Georgiy

17 Aug 2019

&Professional operations and warm attitude. Best snorkeling in my life, safe and conforable, efficient team.

Safe and confortablediving, excellent dive team, professional and friendly. Smooth operations.


Manuel Cabanillas

10 Aug 2019

Amazing, thoughtful, funny, professional crew!

Congratulations and thank you!

James Telfer

23 Jul 2019

Dive deck is best organized of any liveaboards i’ve been on. All the crew were outstanding.

A brilliant trip, we will be back!!!

Linda Kuhnz

24 Jul 2019

Everyone so friendly + efficient. Crazy good service, excellent dealer and DM. We love you guys!! Thank you so much

Adam Ritchie

27 Jul 2019

We had a superb trip. everything was so well organized, planned, prepared and the boat ran like clock work. We will be back!

Melody Childs

27 Jul 2019

Everything that i put as excellent could has been ‘was beyond expectation!. Especially Cruise director + all the staff. Bigraisesfor them to keep them with you!

Lili Slepack & Aeyal Ginor

27 Jul 2019

The cruise director and all the dive instructors outstanding! really every single staff member was oustanding!

Wonderful experience all around. Would love the opportunity to return!

Rianne Van der Linden

03 Aug 2019

Thanks for the good care, great diving, fun athmosphere, good food and laughters. Good balance with visiting islands.

Robin Waxman

06 Jul 2019

This is my 12th liveaboard and this crew, staff and leaders were the best i have ever encountered. Briefings were amazing – included area info, sites info and humour! Everyone was friendly and always went the ‘extra mile’

Amber Kirschbaum

21 Jun 2019

I just truly want to thank you all for such an amazing trip. This has been my favorite dive trip to date! Everything was organized flawlessly. You were all wonderful to spend time with / dive  with. And i felt that everyone wnt out of their way to be kind and helpful. Thank you for everything!

Danny Rappaport

29 Jun 2019

Chapeau! Great experience, zero complaints! Top team! top crew! top ship! top sites! Very impressive operation! your attention to all the details from the big to the smallest is well noted and appreciated and makes this a very pleasurable and unique experience.


29 Jun 2019

A big thanks to everyone on the boat for the excellent trip. Special thanks to the Divemasters for the professional guide and all the cool find under the ocean.

Sonja Hans


Everything was way above all expectations. The whole  trip gave a little/lot of everything. We will definetly recommend to our diving friends.

Nitrox certification was a bonus – Mick was great, certainly worthwhile. The staff all were great, meals were fantastic as were all the staff on the dive platform. dinghy staff also excellent. Did not meet kitchen team but they were faboulous meals

Stephen Wong & Takako Uno

Hong kong/Japan
11 Jun 2019

Thank you again for another great trip! Great crew and lovely food.

We look forward to be back with you again soon.

Emily de la Cruz

03 Dec 2017

My 2nd time diving with Mermaid and was not disappointed to be repeated again. Thank you very much for accommodating us with own special needs and made our diving experiences with Mermaid a very memorable one. Eill come to Komodo and Raja Ampat again.

Jonathan Churchill

23 Dec 2017

The boat works very well and diving logistics are very good. The staff are without exception outstanding and  work really hard to deliver a fantastic experience. Are always cheerful and smiling in all circunstances which made for a happy positive experience. great food and service!

Lori Griswold

07 May 2018

Can’t think of anything to improve. The entire staff was fantastic and made this trip very memorable. I will definitely travel with Mermaid again in the future 🙂 !

Entire deck crew very helpful before and aftr every single dive. Excellent dive guides and very knowledgable! Sugi – excellent divemaster and great with fish identification. I want him next time again :), Aswan very friendly and helpful every day (and smiled a lot!) Fin excellent Cruise director very precise, efficient and funny (and great fish identifier!)

Didier and Paul Bondet

09 Jun 2018

Very nice week on a wonderful boat with an outstanding crew. Dives were amazing as well as all the activities 🙂

Suzanne Hidson

25 Feb 2018

The crew on this boat, both dive masters + all the boat crew have been so sweet, smiling, fun, friendly and simply perfect! Thank you for a wonderful time with you all! It was a very special trip, simply delightful!

Thank you for effort to adjust for vegan/gluten free meals

Keep smiling from the inside xx

Ho Nam Leung

Hong Kong
29 Sep 2018

Boat was great! Ketut being a very professional guide, a very pleasant attitude and always help outside of diving, as the crew as well.

Tatsuya Nakamura

22 Sep 2018

Thanks a lot for your hospitality and guide for nice diving!!!