Margaret Bergson

04 Feb 2023

The entire trip was fabulous. The crew work so hard and so smoothly together. Thank you for all you did to make this so great.

Aron Thomas

20 Mar 2023

The whole crew was a delight-good sense of humor as well as patience and understanding.

Anna Barnes

12 Mar 2023

Amazing crew. We love Mermaid Liveaboards. We will continue to book and tell others. Thank you.

Gerard Newman

12 Mar 2023

We had a wonderful trip and outstanding diving. Thanks to the friendly, helpful, knowledgeable crew. Thank you.

Joyce and Rich Chess

17 Feb 2023

Friendly warm staff. Very welcoming and professional.

Jim Guld

17 Feb 2023

You made our visit to this part of the world a spectacular success and pleasure.

Bryce Lauder

28 Feb 2023

The crew is why I keep coming back. Excellent all around.

Karen Argonza

03 Jan 2023

Best dive vacation ever.

Adriana Tello

03 Jan 2023

I Love the boat and the organization in general.

Marcela Tello

03 Jan 2023

Very happy to be back for the third time with the MM group, hope to repeat it again. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

Lucy Medd

03 Jan 2023

A Fantastic trip again. Love the boat. Love the crew. Looking forward to my next trip.

Jacquelin Hintermann

03 Jan 2023

Thank you for this amazing trip. The whole crew did a fantastic job.

Tamara Dogadova

15 Feb 2023

Thanks a lot for the wonderful adventure.

Matt Jaro

28 Jan 2023

Excellent everything. Thank you so much for a great first liveaboard experience.

Kevin Thompson

18 Jan 2023

The atmosphere on the boat makes this a great trip.

Liu Guo Chiang

28 Jan 2023

Bob is the best Dive Master I have ever seen.


Jean Bilbrough

28 Jan 2023

Lovely Trip, thank you. Such a pleasure diving with such a friendly crew.

Richard Jones

15 Feb 2023

Excellent trip and a well ran boat. Staff always there to help.

David Jackson

01 Jan 2023

Terrific service, great diving, Idy was a great DM.

Kelvin Smith

09 Jan 2023

All staff are very attentive and quick to help.

Julia & Share

11 Jan 2023

Thank you for the wonderful trips. The staff are fantastic and very efficient, this the most organised liveaboard we have experienced. Thank You!

Shaun Woolnoosh

19 Jan 2023

I only wish you had the option for triple excellent, as the crew was simply amazing.

Amgwerd Bruno

19 Jan 2023

Very Nice and Helpful team in all aspects! Compliments and many Thanks!!

Jessica Mino

10 Jan 2023

Amazing Trip! Emphasizes conservation and the importance of only leaving bubbles is key to allowing Raja Ampat to continue to be biodiverse + beautiful

Pascal Wyss

10 Jan 2023

It was an excellent experience. Thanks a lot to the crew for an unforgettable experience.

Lumens Wang

02 Jan 2023

Really Amazing Trips. It is perfect in all aspects. I highly appreciated it!

Scorr Quina

04 Feb 2023

Love You Guys!

Michael Kay

04 Feb 2023

Everyone on board was Great. We appreciate your asking for our opinions

Stephen Shearer

04 Feb 2023

Excellent course direktur. He is always very positive and professional

Marlena Ruzuk

03 Feb 2023

A fantastic trip made by wonderful people.

Megan Quinn

04 Feb 2023

Favourite dive trip ever. Thank you to everyone for such a good atmosphere. I will never forget the amazing things I saw on the trip.

Lee Chaem Ting

04 Feb 2023

Excellent Trip!!

Andrew Khoo

04 Feb 2023

We are longtime customers of the mermaid for very good reason. Excellent and Good Value

Trever Barrenger

16 Feb 2023

Very well a run trip!

Karen Johnson

16 Feb 2023

Great to be a part of the first trip – explorers of new areas, new frontiers. I enjoyed the social aspect and interactions with the crew! Nice to form connections. Thanks for being a Dive Guide Extraordinaire

Knoo Leeftelld

16 Feb 2023

Really enjoyed! The dive experience that the Togians provided, as usual, the whole crew went over for the safety and enjoyment of the guest.

Bob Slizeski

05 Feb 2023

The trip was wonderful, just as I remembered from a year ago. Excellent Crew and Facilities.

Scott Quinn

05 Feb 2023

Fun adventure discovering new sites with an excellent team.
I`m not sure I would make this trip again, but I will do more with you guys for sure!



Jean Dickinson

02 Jul 2022

Best crew we have had. A very friendly atmosphere. Great reefs. Great diving

Matthew Hengst

18 Jun 2022

Jen and I really loved our original trip with you back in 2019 and it was a dream come true to be able to come back again. The boat, the people, the dive sites, they were all just amazing.

Ethan Harris

18 Jun 2022

Happy Ending to Komodo trip!
Highly  recommend Mermaid Liveaboards. Top notch from beginning to end!
Terima kasih banyak.

Emile Poinsot

18 Jun 2022

Absolutely the best crew I knew, very nice and kind.
Thank you very much for this pleasant trip!

Tim Alce

United Kingdom
18 Jun 2022

The entire crew. Everyone was great, helpful, enthusiastic, keen. Diving was fantastic. Food unbelievably good – and so much. Pity 10 days has to end!! Glad I chose Mermaid for my first liveaboard.

Miki Hegedus

18 Jun 2022

Very professional organization. Friendly and professional staff, attention to details. Would highly recommend!!

Stephen Henderson

18 Jun 2022

I truly enjoyed my trip. All of the staff was amazing. Thanks for such a memorable holiday.


18 Jun 2022

This is an excellent group of people to dive with. Name it, I will be thrill. Facilities are exceptional and service is unmatched.

Meryl Churchill

01 Jan 2020

Joss is outstanding, a nice mixture of serious diving business but with some joking + a great accent. Very approachable runs a happy ship + nice staff rapport. Wayan was a wonderful DM – relaxed, didn’t boss us around, looked after us nicely, knows the dive sites very well, so we felt safe + comfortable with him. The chef is excellent, delicious food + no bad guts, very hygienic. All the staff work so hard + always are happy to help + smiling.

Eric Black

23 Dec 2019

The crew was excellent, courteous, helpful and top-notch!

Bert Schlicher

13 Feb 2020

More than Excellent!! I have the time of my life. An experience I never forget. Great dive: Melissa garden, I get really emotional.

J. Girard

05 Feb 2020

Thank you so much for everyone’s care and kindness. What a wonderful team. Made my trip so much fun, wonderful and safe!!!