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26 Aug 2019

Mermaid II August 17 – 24, 2019

Our Komodo Season is in full swing! The first dive in the Komodo National Park takes us to the iconin “Shotgun” where we spent nearly the entire dive with half a doz...

by Enni
20 Aug 2019

Mermaid I August 10 – 17, 2019

Guests on the Mermaid II this week were treated to a display of bow riding dolphins before even entering the park. Great encounters and conditions became the theme of week with...

by Montse
02 Jul 2018

Komodo and its surroundings

What’s better than a Hairy Frogfish? Two Hairy Frogfish! Same feeling when you get to watch two...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
29 Jun 2018

Diving Cruise with Mermaid I , Komodo June 1 – 10 2018 Highlights

Mermaid I, Diving Cruise at Komodo
June 1 – 10, 2018
Marcelo Johan Ogata

by Mermaid Liveaboards
23 Jun 2018

Manta Traffic

Manta rays are a very intelligent animal. They have large brains and when you have a one on one e...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
21 Jun 2018

The Smallest Sea Dragon and the largest Komodo Dragon

Mermaid I started the Komodo season on fire. When you start day 1 with a Lembeh Sea Dragon and fi...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
13 Jun 2018

Take a Moment

In Komodo, it’s easy to get caught up in the hunt for your most desired critters. The reefs are...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
07 Jun 2018

Unforgettable Diving Experience!

Mermaid II’s most recent trip through Komodo, and second of the season, was absolutely outstand...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
21 May 2018


After nearly eight months in Raja Ampat, Ambon, Lembeh Strait and the Banda Sea, Mermaid 1 is now...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
18 Mar 2018

Says No To Plastic Drinking Water Bottles!

Mermaid Liveaboards says no to plastic drinking water bottles!
Every guest gets a Mermaid L...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
22 Nov 2017

The Color of Komodo

With the exception of Raja Ampat, I can’t imagine that there are any other dive destinations wi...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
13 Nov 2017

Lovely Komodo

Returning to Komodo, after nearly five months on land stretching my legs, was an absolute dream....

by Mermaid Liveaboards
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