Awe-Inspiring Raja Ampat Journey

Our daytime dives were equally stunning, marked by magnificent fan corals and massive schools of fusiliers, barracudas, and bumphead parrotfish. As we proceeded towards the southern part of our journey, we came across huge schools of big-eyed trevally and even manta rays! Some of our lucky guests spotted octopuses hunting amidst the reef, swimming over stunning anemones and hard corals.
Apart from the underwater world, we also had the opportunity to explore the land. We navigated through turquoise lagoons and reached the peak of Piaynemo Island, where we were treated to an incredible view of the surrounding archipelago. We visited the remote village of Aborek, and later dived off its dock at night, adding a new dimension to our adventure.
Our trip concluded with some spectacular muck diving off Batanta, where we encountered an array of Indonesia’s fascinating macro life, ranging from the famous flamboyant cuttlefish to ornate ghost pipefish. It was an eye-opening experience for our guests, showcasing the immense diversity of these waters.

John Roney

MV Mermaid II
March 30-April 7, 2023

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