CHANGOO, an adventurous dive site located East of Kawe island, North of Raja Ampat.

A combination of swimtroughs, sharks, and large schools of fish. When the current is right this place can be superb, schools of Jacks and Barracudas on the very shallows and a swim-through right at the start of the dive. A great amount of Surgeon fish and Penjalo snappers can sometimes nearly block the way out of the tunnel. A good idea to bring a dive light to see the colorful sponges and the vivid red of Penjalos that live in the rocks formations.

Down bellow, around 30m deep, a great place where you can find Sweetlips schooling which is an awesome subject for the wide angle photographers. When it’s a lucky day you can encounter hundreds of them all together making a “ball” shape and it looks just awesome!

Very often Wobbegong sharks can be found in Changoo as well, sometimes laying on corals, sometimes underneath rocks and occasionally even swimming by the wall! Not just Wobbegongs but other reef sharks are commonly seen around the island.

The north of Raja Ampat and its incredible biodiversity together with stunning pinnacles covered of soft and hard corals. Such a place that you can find great macro life and real large animals on the same dives, for sure a real spoiling experience!

Mermaid I Raja Ampat Diving Cruise
February 15- 24, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata