Giants Above and Underwater!

10 Days Whale Watching Trip Maumere-Bali on MV Mermaid I.
October 11 – 20, 2022

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“Out of the 7 whale watching trips I’ve done with Charles Anderson, this was by far the most exciting and rewarding one!

Truth is, it’s always a question mark if the whales or big pods of dolphins will show up… Nature is wild and unpredictable, but when a trip is meant to be a good, encounters simply don’t stop happening. We had nearly 10 cetaceans species within 10 days!

It all began from day one leaving Maumere, with a huge blow followed by a massive Sperm whale fluke out the blue. When the sea conditions are optimal, animals can be spotted from a mile away and eventually when you realize they are only few meters away.

A large pod of 200 Fraser’s dolphins made the water “boil” right beside Mermaid!

Not only cetaceans but some unexpected surprises can also happen… Looking out to the horizon and what appeared to be a log, turned out to be a huge Leatherback turtle, just chilling.

One fin flapping out of the water, drone up in the air, and guess what? Sunfish feeding on jelly fish!

“2 Whale sharks ahead!”. Time to gear up and get in the water with the largest fish in the sea… just like that!

And the last day, to finish it off with a golden bezel, 2 large Sperm whales together diving down beautifully synchronized!

Mission accomplished! It’s time to get ready for the last Banda sea crossing of the year and finally Raja Ampat season! Exciting days ahead, stay tuned”

Marcelo Johan Ogata