Mermaid I Bali-Komodo-Maumere
September 7 – 16, 2022

First time back in Komodo after 3 long years and yes… feels good to be back!
Not a diving trip, but a relaxing whale watching trip to start the journey with.
10 days cruising from Bali to the National Park of Komodo and ending today in

The search of cetaceans out in the blue is always satisfying to watch. Several species of dolphins like Rough-toothed dolphin, Spinners, Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins and one of our favourite ones the Risso’s dolphins!

Completely unexpected, a huge Oceanic Manta ray rolling on the surface during one of the late afternoons. Thousands of Flying fox bats, the largest Bats in the World filled the background as the skies darkened. Speaking of largest… the Komodo dragons were out and about as well, we entered the island for bird watching during one the early mornings.

The diversity of land animals and birds makes Komodo National Park an extraordinary place, even for the ones that don’t get to dive.
Nothing better than jumping in the water to cool down, and right beneath the surface, incredibly pristine reefs! The variety and combination of hard and soft corals.

Large Green turtles and Feef sharks…. We love being in the tropics! Next trip, the Ring of Fire! And this time we will gear up to scuba dive in the most remote regions between Alor, Banda Sea and Ambon!

Stay tuned, tons of content to come!

Marcelo Johan Ogata