Manta Alley

Our first morning dive at the infamous Manta Alley was absolute bliss. The water was flat, which normally means feeding mantas.  The majority of the dive was spent hovering just above the reef in no more than eight meters of water just watching  the ten or so mantas in that area syphon up their breakfast.

Our second dive at Manta Alley was a different kind of bliss.  It was clear from the drop in that they had all enjoyed a highly nutritious morning meal as they were clearly full of energy. Like a swarm of children chasing each other through the neighborhood playground, the mantas were lined up, one behind the another, slowly pumping with  their massive wings as they maintained their position within the fleet of fifteen or so mantas that has amassed in the alley from which the dive site is known for. At times you felt like you had to duck as a manta slowly moved directly over head as it attempted to make room for a new  a new manta in the already crowded passage.