Mermaid I April 10 – 19, 2019

Starting our trip and breaking the surface with a dive at the southern tip of Raja Ampat, Misool, we were greeted by macro critters of all kinds. Pygmy sea horses filled the large colorful sea fans and Goby’s perched themselves on each whip coral branch extending from the busy reef below. Our first evening was spent on a remote island beach, surrounded by baby black tip sharks and clear blue water.

Moving through the Misool area we were fortunate to visit one of the best dive sites, Magic Mountain, which provided us with a display of dancing Manta’s and schooling fish of every kind. As we made our way north to the beautiful area of Piaynemo we explored magical blue lagoons and climbed our way to one of the most famous lookout spots in Raja Ampat. A highlight of this area is Mellissa’s garden dive site where Wobbegong sharks shelter under huge table corals and large swathes of soft corals sway in the current.

Our final destination was the Dampier strait area, which of course did not disappoint. At Cape Kri dive site we witnessed one of the largest schools of sweetlips any of us had ever seen, with gigantic oceanic Manta’s passing over head. A perfect way to end another amazing dive trip on board Mermaid I.

By Grant Thomas