Mermaid I 22 Jan – 2 Feb 2019 – Traversing the unexplored

The contrast of Raja Ampat’s lime stones, the Rain Forests of Halmahera islands and the black volcanic sands of Lembeh. 3 different seas traveled during the past 12 days, experiencing all the changes of scenery both underwater and above. This is an astonishing 800 nautical mile journey from West Papua to Sulawesi with an incredible stopover in between, a barely-touched destination known as Halmahera.

The south of Halmahera is an incredible spot, packed with healthy coral reefs, giant barrel sponges, reef sharks, billions of Anthias. The area also has great opportunities for macro shooting.

After 4 days of diving in the Dampier Strait and Misool and another 4 awesome days of exploration in Halmahera we finally entered the Strait of Lembeh for our final muck dives! Lembeh the classic weird and wonderful macro world! Long dives scanning the sandy rubble sites with success… Hairy Frogfish right from the first dive! Many species of nudibranchs, crazy looking crustaceans, cephalopods such as Coconut octopus and a Flamboyant cuttlefish, Pygmy Pipehorses and other Ghost Pipefishes!
So much to see and nearly impossible to keep up with so much biodiversity!