Mermaid I June 23 – July 2, 2019

Sangeang Api, one of the most exciting reasons to join a Komodo trip isn’t just the epic diving at the national park itself but the amazing diversity the surrounding islands have to offer. One peculiar active volcano located in the north east of Sumbawa called Sangeang hosts some unique underwater environments loaded with marine life. It’s not everyday that you’d get a chance to dive in a place where the sand bottom is literally boiling! The area is so rich in nutrients that all organisms thrive in extreme health.

Sangeang volcano is known for its special macro fauna including several species of octopi and nudibranchs. If you love watching creatures behaviour this place will blow your mind, especially during the shallow night dives where several young frogfish can be found! A crustacean haven with many undescribed species and lately cute little boxer crabs and big marbled shrimps have been all over the place. Not just macro life but this place has some extremely beautiful and rare corals.

The large, colourful corals contrasting with the black sands will offer divers some great wide angle photography opportunities! Something very different to the rest of Komodo yet, on the same trip!