Mermaid I March 07-16, 2019

The Essence of Raja Ampat

After another epic Whale watching trip, getting the scuba gear back on felt good! It’s unbelievable how time goes fast when you are having such a good season.

It’s getting close to the end of my 3rd full season in Raja Ampat and this place still blows my mind! Simply ‘cos there is nothing in the sea like this… The amount of life, the variety of corals, the critters and now the Cetaceans! Among this incredible group of islands that make Raja Ampat the most biodiverse underwater ecosystem where the water is warm and the fish are happily protected! Plankton flows with abundance, the healthiest corals shine and Manta rays thrive with grace!

The exploration is far from being over and it’s that exciting time of the year Mermaid I starts crossing the Banda Sea! What an amazing encounter is going to be this time? Stay tuned for big surprises… and see you in Ambon!