Komodo: Mantas and muck diving Mermaid I September 12 – 21, 2019

Finishing off another extraordinary season in Komodo with a full blast of marine life encounters and stunning conditions! The best muck dives between Sumbawa and South of Komodo with crazy looking nudibranchs, crustaceans out of this world, grumpy looking frogfish and finally some Flamboyant cuttlefish that came later on this season!

The number of Manta rays that seem to have duplicated from our previous seasons and also reef sharks that totally lost the fear of divers! The diversity of hard and corals from north to south. Massive schools of Surgean fish covering the iconic dive sites and thousands of fusiliers bringing all Jacks together!

Komodo by far has the best action dives of all destinations in Indonesia! No matter how cold the water might feel at some dives, the excitement of being among so much life is mind blowing experience keeping us warm and excited!

The season has come to an end for now and outstanding new adventures across the Banda Sea have just began! Stay tuned for big… big surprises next!