Mermaid I September 2 – 11, 2019

Above the Surface of Komodo!

By now most of divers and snorkelers know what the underwater beauty of Komodo has to offer. The combination of amazing marine life and seascapes hosting outstanding biodiversity. Long nautical miles between Bali and Komodo across some dramatic volcanic scenery between Lombok and Sumbawa.

This is one ideal trip for the ones who also appreciate Cetaceans, and last trip Mermaid I was all about Whale watching. Several species of dolphins and some Blackfish including Melon Head whales, Pygmy Killers and groups of Pilot whales were spotted during our trip! Not only mammals but some big splashes from a distance that turned out to be Sunfish (MolaMola) and several Reef Mantas at different sites that filled snorkelers with smiles!

Walking with Dragons and bird watching both in Komodo and Rinca island. This time we got very lucky,up close and personal with several lizards feeding on a dead buffalo and one special visitor, a massive Fruit bat came aboard hanging upside down on the sundeck for a laugh!