Beautiful reefs, schooling fish and creatures

There are many reasons why we dive, big and small. From Oceanic manta rays to Pygmy seahorses, we divers love them all. Not to mention the weird and wonderful. Painted frogfish, octopi and marine ladybugs so small you need a magnify glass just to see them (a strong dioptre works just as well for all those photographers!). There are not many itineraries that offer to see all this in one trip but the Sorong to Lembeh crossing does just that.

Starting in Raja Ampat, arguably the best diving region in the world, guests of the Mermaid 1 were treated to pinnacles, walls and slopes all teeming with diverse life. Moving further into adventurous territory, to Halmahera island, where the reefs literally pulsed with thousands of anthias displaying the whole spectrum of colours.

To round off the trip, Mermaid I pulled into the world famous Lembeh Straits for some quality critter hunting. With Macro lenses firmly attached the divers descended on a never ended conveyor of critters. From large to little this trip had it all and with only two trips a year, it’s a hot ticket.