Mermaid II August 17 – 24, 2019

Our Komodo Season is in full swing! The first dive in the Komodo National Park takes us to the iconin “Shotgun” where we spent nearly the entire dive with half a dozen of Reef Mantas. They keep circling around and on top of us, enjoying the ride and the thrill of the currents as much as the divers do.

“Manta Alley” in the Soouth of Komodo is famous for its Mantas too and again, we are lucky. Right from the first minute of the dive, we spot a couple of Reef Manta Rays cruising around in the shallows. There is a couple of more in the deeper parts, right at the cleaning station which is also known as “The Balcony”.

We’ve spent some incredible moments with some of the biggest Green Turtles I’ve seen at “Siaba Besar” this week. These guys are not shy at all so that you can easily get your souvenir shot posing with one of the many Turtles and surrounded by an incredibly healthy hard coral reef.

Another highlight of the trip is awaiting us after leaving the National Park: “Sangeang Volcano” is renown for great macro and muck dive opportunities and again, doesn’t disappoint. Ornate Ghost Pipefish, different species of Octopus and tons of Frogfish can be spotted throughout our day’s diving there.

Leaving for the last dive of the trip at “Angel Reef” in Moyo, all our guests are happy for a great week of diving and sad to leave at the same time.