Mermaid II August 24 – 31, 2019

Where to start when the whole trip is just one big highlight? Perfect conditions above and below the water this week diving and snorkeling in Moyo, Satonda, Sangeang and the Komodo National

The North of Komodo greets us with beautiful visibility and lots of schooling fish life, mixed with some great manta encounters. And if that wouldn’t be enough, we get to enjoy one of the most spectacular views in Komodo during our sunset treck to the top of Padar Island.

“Batu Bolong” is my most favorite dive site because it never disappoints. Turtles, Giant Morays, a very friendly Napoleon Wrasse and a gazillion of Anthias, Chromis and Damsels covering this huge, submerged pinnacle make it so special to me. Which better way there is to experience Komodo at its best?

This trip has been particularly great in terms of macro as well. Frogfishes can be spotted and several occasions and dive sites, Coleman Shrimps and Zebra Craps are the highlight critters at “Cannibal Rock” this trip.


Another week with some great diving and very happy guests comes to an end again and we’re sad to see them leave!