Mermaid II March 19 – 27, 2019

Yet another amazing trip was done by Mermaid II. Raja Ampat showed its true colors, we had everything from fantastic reef dives with the soft corals and pygmy seahorse overload in the south of Misool and then up to the amazing hard corals of the north. Strong currents in the right places and no currents where there shouldn’t been any.

Great conditions for sending up the drone, blue skies and a bright, shining sun every day! When you have the sun coming down through the mangrove roots, the reflection is stunning. I was thrilled to see the results after a 90 min exploration dive.

The amount of actions by all the giants below the surface were insane. But in my opinion, the best dives we had were our night dives! Black forest and Sapokreng blew everyone’s mind, we even had some complaints from Ketuts group that it was almost too much to see so they needed a bigger tank to be able to stay down longer than 60 minute.