Raja Ampat and its unlimited biodiversity!

Starting a trip back-rolling into a dark cloud of Anchovies. Giant jacks and Rainbow runners blasting down the swarm from every direction! This is that mad time of the season that Silversides and young Fusiliers together decide to take over Misool waters! And it simply means that Mobula rays are on their way to join the epic show!

Free swimming Wobbegong, up close and personal with Grey reefs and non shy Black tip reef sharks were the main sharks. Different species of Pygmy seahorses spotted pretty much on every single dive. Endemic Blennies and Gobies were also found in the shallows mangroves of Yangeffo, a wicked spot for super macro oportunities!

Entering Halmahera sea and deep down in the Dampier strait with great schools of Sweetlips and Pinjalo Snappers… Finishing off the trip with style and 2 last dives at Blue Magic with full size Oceanic Manta rays!

Filmed and edited by Marcelo Johan Ogata