The Four Kings and Haven for Marine Life

Resilient reefs and fauna, Raja Ampat still thrives and the diving is astonishing. Hundreds of limestone islands packed with biodiversityorganisms and the largest pelagic encounters make this destination the most diverse and
rewarding for any diver.

The variety of animals that can be found in a single dive will make your SD carsure to bring a lot of storage to document all the diMy biggest challenge here is deciding which lens I should switch, because every single spot has equal amounts of wide and macro life!The scenery is incredibly cinematic, as if you werbut even if you don’t have a drone, the lagoon tours and hikes to the view points will make up
for it!

West Papua is different to any other destination in Indonesia, both above and underwaterAmpat is a must!

Marcelo Johan Ogata #bugDreamer

December 4-12, 2022
MV Mermaid II