Shark Den

Once again I find myself writing about another unique encounter with one of the oceans most amazing creatures, sharks. Since Raja Ampat has become a MPA, (Marine Protected Area) it’s shark numbers have increased significantly and it’s evident in the amount of amazing shark encounters we are all having underwater.

This week I was lucky enough to find myself nose to nose with one of Raja’s least seen shark species, the nurse shark. While on a dive at Boo Windows, the iconic dive site where the rock island is pierced by a set of windows (now one big window after a storm knocked out the center column), I saw the distinctive shark tail peeking out from the inside of a rocky swim-through. Moving around to the opposite side of this sharks resting place I was able to position myself just in front of the resting shark and quietly observe this beautiful species that I’ve only seen a handful of times in Raja. Sharks are inherently a shy and unless the are being fed will typically avoid humans, despite what the media may portray. Kneeling on the sandy bottom just inches from this beautiful shark, ‘man eater’ was the last thing that came to my mind. The experience was more like watching your dog or cat sleep.