The Ring of Fire Continued

800 nautical miles from Ambon back to Maumere through the Banda Sea and Alor, The Ring of Fire continued.

Mermaid I returns from another 12 majestic days, days of unique biologically diverse, rich
abundant marine life, pristine and untouched reefs, pelagic sharks and rare macro subjects that flourish from amazing muck dives of Alor and Ambon.
One very dramatic scenery trip with many smoky volcanos, The Ring of fire! A superb opportunity for the ones who truly want to see the best of Indonesia in one go.

Oceanic Black tips, Thresher shark, Scalloped Hammerheads were the remarkable sharks
of the trip. Rynopias both found in Alor and Ambon. Velvet ghost pipefish as the rarest pipefishes also in Ambon. Great action of Chinese sea snakes that surrounded the entire Manuk Volcano. Up close and personal encounters with huge Hammerhead sharks in Nil Desperandun. The massive schools of Jacks of Kekel Kecil. And for the super macro lovers Denise Pygmy seahorses found in the large Sea fans found between Alor and Maumere.

Hard not to love this breath taking underwater adventure with Mermaid I.

Mermaid I Ring Of Fire Diving Cruise
(Ambon-Banda Sea-Alor-Maumere)
October 12-23, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata