Vibrant colours of Raja Ampat

We welcomed on board a new group of divers from around the world and set sail for the magnificent reefs of Raja Ampat. Firstly diving into some of the most famous sites in the Dampier Strait area in search of Wobbegong sharks, vibrant coral gardens and masses of schooling fish. After an amazing start to the trip, it was only to get better with a stop at Sawandarek and Airborek Jetty’s, which of course as always delivered spectacular diving for all.

Setting our sights for the pygmy sea horse kingdom of Misool we headed south and had a very smooth overnight crossing. Our first dive in the Misool area, Magic Mountain, gifted us with manta madness with over 10 Manta Rays, mixtures of reef and oceanic, all queuing up to be cleaned as everyone watched in awe.

Moving through Misool we had great conditions with crystal clear water and mild currents. We dived through Boo’s window, explored remote lagoons and discovered a variety of critters and creatures on sea fan laden walls of the limestone peaks, which stretch high from the seafloor. From the smallest to the largest marine creatures, we discovered it all and had another amazing trip on board Mermaid II!