Mermaid I Biodiversity Special 21 April – 6 May, 2019

It’s pretty fascinating how much diversity can be discovered in one single trip, but when it comes to a big expedition between  5 different seas… The amount of life we came across the past 16 days of diving simply blew our minds!
A 1200 nautical mile journey from Raja Ampat to Maumere! Incredible dives in the Banda Sea and a very special stop in Alor!

Nearly 50 dives done, also with some great surface intervals like visiting Papuan villages, hiking to view points, exploring lagoons and getting involved with the local culture of Alor!
While cruising, Cetaceans also joined Mermaid I.  A big Spermwhale, Melonhead whales, Spinners and Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins gave us a beautiful show!

The macro fauna and the big pelagic fish were breathtaking. Amazing pristine untouched coral reefs, large schools and sharks. Hammerheads from a distance and one  up-close and personal encounter with a Thresher shark!
The biodiversity changes on each destination and every sea we entered was a different experience! Wall dives, Muck dives, Drift diving and great night dives with Rhinopias to keep our underwater photographers happy!
This ultimate crossing trip only happens twice a year. And without a doubt it is a lifetime opportunity! If you want the experience the real Underwater World of Indonesia, this is simply the way to go!!

See you in Komodo!

Filmed by Marcelo Johan Ogata